V0.59 Released

Beta V0.59 is now released. Just a handful of little improvements.

Release Notes
How to Upgrade

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Thank you <3 for the wiki quality-of-life improvements. I’m a huge dork for structure on wikis, and you made my day (and a whole fun new project for me to fix some of the way I categorized things already).

Unrelated to that… I noticed this on 0.58, but it was in the middle of running combat yesterday, so I forgot to post about it: When managing combat from the web, the “Setup NPCs” page isn’t functioning. It has the cancel/save button and the warning about not setting up PCs, but the rest of the stuff is missing. When I add an NPC from the MUSH, it doesn’t show up there. When I add a PC, it does.

Everything else seems to be working great.

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Yeah apparently I had my “If NPC” check backwards, so it was showing PCs instead of NPCs. Doof. Thanks.

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Got a couple scene issues!

  1. They seem to have stopped sorting properly by date on char pages, again.

  2. It doesn’t want to let us make ‘completed’ scenes. It errors out (but silently creates an empty scene – I had to delete about 15 of them when I saw the next day that the related scene had links to a whole lot of them with the right name/participants/etc but no contents!) and will only work if you make it not-completed and treat it as a normal scene.

  3. Joining a scene on the client doesn’t necessarily make it count as ‘yours’ for /scene-play, even if you show up as a participant in active scenes. I had to click the watching-eye to get it to count as mine for that. Granted, I hadn’t posed yet, but I had scene/joined the scene and did show up as a member on the portal already.

Thanks for all the work!

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For #1, can you please give me an example? They seem to be sorted right on my test game. The “Recent” pane sorts by date posted and “Popular” sorts by likes, but the other ones do seem to be sorting by IC date, as expected.

#2 is a known bug a couple folks have reported on 59. The workaround is just to post the scene as not-completed and then stop it. It’ll be fixed in the next patch.

#3 Yeah that’s not intentional. Will fix, thanks.

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  1. Is this a recent change or have I just not looked in a little? It’s always been on Recent by default and I swear my page used to sort by date (because I put in a request several versions ago for it to do so and reported the last time I saw it stopped doing it also – see the Web Portal Requests thread May 6 and June 22). I’d prefer it continue to, please! I really hate seeing them out of order. :confused: If it’s being changed back, maybe we could have some kind of way to set our preference in our profile or something? It really bothers me.

  2. That’s how I ‘solved’ it but I’m glad it’s been reported!

  3. Woo, thank you. :slight_smile:

#1 It’s been that way for quite awhile - ever since the big scene changes to fix the performance issues on Spirit Lake. I understand the desire to see them in IC order, but the whole idea of “Recent” scenes is more based on OOC dates than IC ones. So I think that’s what most folks would expect.

If you think the prevailing sentiment runs the other way, by all means feel free to make a dedicated topic or poll for other folks to chime in.

Player-based display preferences for things like that really aren’t on the horizon at this point, sorry. Right now it’s limited to the really critical things (like whether your client uses ASCII only), because it impacts both the games and AresCentral, and keeping everything in sync gets tricky.

I think @Ren is referring to the change from v 0.48 (https://github.com/AresMUSH/aresmush/releases/tag/v0.48)

  • The character page now lists scenes in order of IC date, not share date. (suggested by Ren)
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Yeah I know, but that applies to the All/Social/Plot tabs, not the “Recent” or “Popular” tabs, because those are sorted by their more relevant criteria.

Beta 52 was when it changed, because of the overhaul of the scene pages for performance reasons: https://github.com/AresMUSH/aresmush/releases/tag/v0.52

To reiterate, I’m not strenuously opposed to changing it, I’d just like to hear from some other folks to get a consensus. (Another thread would be ideal for that.) Because to me, having Recent sort by, well, recentness and Popular sort by popularity just seems to make the most sense :slight_smile:

After 53 I reported it wasn’t sorting them by IC date again, and you said that was accidental and fixed it again (from my POV) for 54 (https://github.com/AresMUSH/aresmush/releases/tag/v0.54)

  • Scenes on a character profile page weren’t loaded or sorted properly. (reported by KarmaBum and Ren)

…unless I am entirely hallucinating. (I have been awake a while.) But I’m almost entirely positive it applied to Recent at the time, because that’s the one that is the default option and therefore the one I see when I look at my scenes tab. I don’t mind the main scenes page being ‘recent’ by posting time but on my character page, I hate it. On that page if I care about recentness it’s by IC time, not OOC time. And I don’t have the option to have some other version (like ‘all’) be my page’s default.

I can make a thread about it, though!

I think I’m not explaining this clearly, sorry.

You are correct that it has changed a number of times in the past dozen releases. But the way it works now (Recent tab sorted by OOC date, Popular tab sorted by popularity, other tabs sorted by IC date) is the way I intended it to work. That is notably different from the regular scenes page, where Popular is sorted by popularity and everything else is sorted by OOC date.

Anyway, thanks for making a thread. We’ll see what folks say.