Minor Nuisances

I keep making threads for little niggly things I find as I customize. We’ve got one for skins, so here’s one for game-oriented stuff. Some of these may be things that you don’t actually want to change, IDK. But I’ll list 'em just in case.

  • Set ‘use vehicles’ as false, but ‘vehicle’ still shows in the ‘types’ table when you do ‘combat/types’. It’d be nice if turning it off removed that column.
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I can change that, sure.

On the web portal, you can select specials for weapons that are not allowed for said weapon, and it doesn’t error, it simply doesn’t apply.

For example, I selected ‘sparring’ for rifle, and it saved fine, but does not say ‘sparring’ on the combat page as it does if you’re unarmed.

It should probably, ideally, either not appear as an option or error when you try to save.

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‘Start a new scene’ page says

“All fields need to be filled out for completed scenes, but not for incomplete ones. Completed scenes are always public and shared.”

This isn’t actually true, but there’s no indication as to which fields are required and which aren’t (I’m guessing this is a hold over from when there were fewer fields).

I also think the text

Completed scenes are always public and shared.

is a little confusing, given the way public and private are used in the scene system. I think this just means that if you mark a scene as completed, it will be shared publicly? If so, perhaps something like, ‘scenes marked completed will be automatically shared publicly on the web portal’.


It’d be nice, in my opinion, if events on the web portal sorted by date rather than by time added, so that the event occurring the soonest appears at the top.


I’ll fix those things up. Thanks for the suggestions.

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So this one really is a bug (I think), but I’m not creating a whole new thread for it.

When adding a profile section on a character, I continue to get a ‘Missing required fields.’ error, even when all fields are populated.

You know, I think it’s actually maybe erroring off another page entirely - the general page - because I approve the thing without filling everything out for testing purposes. Let’s see.

Yup, that was it. So it probably won’t actually manifest in play.

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Minor issue, but it’d be awesome if it’s fixable:

If you use an ampersand (&) in a wiki header, the table of contents transforms it into ‘amp’.


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Similar issue happens with any special characters in wiki titles, including apostrophes.

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@Tat @KarmaBum - Got it. Will be fixed in the next patch. Thanks.

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Table of contents now don’t seem to work. Clicking on a link doesn’t drop you to the page section.

Apparently I busted that when I fixed the special characters showing up in the TOC. Will fix in the next patch. Thanks!

Not sure if this is a bug, an intended behavior, or something weird about the way I set up the locale message. Or something to do with my client.

I have a few things in combat highlighted for attention. When my name is in it, though, only my name is highlighted instead of the entire line. Does this have something to do with the way name highlighting works in Ares?

For example:


Everyone else sees that whole line in red.

Combat has a feature where your name gets highlighted. So any other ansi/highlighting in those strings may end up not working quite as you expected.

For example if the locale string was: “%xh%xrNessie has died.%xn

If you’re Nessie, then what you end up with after the name highlighting is: “%xh%xr%xh%xcNessie%xnhas died.%xn.”

Notice the switch back to ansi-normal after Nessie.

I can understand how that’s not working quite how you want it, but I wouldn’t consider it a bug.

You could maybe make a custom code change to how names are highlighted in combat, but I think no matter what you do it’s going to give quirky results.

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Nah, I thought it might be something like that, and I’m sure not fussed enough to mess with it. Thanks for the explanation!

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forum/order <category>=<number> counts like a programmer. That is, putting ‘2’ actually puts it as number 3, putting ‘1’ puts it at 2.

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Pesky programmers :). Will fix, thanks.

Chatting from the web portal doesn’t show your Ares handle. Is that intentional?

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Nope! Will fix, thanks.

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