XP Limits After Chargen

Can you clarify how XP limits work? I’m having a hard time grasping it, and I keep confusing myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read the config info, but it’s not making sense somehow.

max_points_on_action: 28
max_points_on_attrs: 12
    '5': 3
    '6': 2
    '7': 1
    '3': 4
    '4': 2
action_dots_beyond_chargen_max: 3
attr_dots_beyond_chargen_max: 3
dots_beyond_chargen_max: 3

Specifically, how many action skill dots and how many attribute skill dots could someone purchase with XP?

I thought it would be 6 and 6 with the setup above, but I must be missing something critical.

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Action points cost 1 AP / dot. max_points_on_action limits you to 28 points = 28 dots.

action_dots_beyond_chargen_max lets you have 3 more with XP, for a total of 31 dots in action skills max.

Attributes cost 1 AP / dot. max_points_on_attrs limits you to 12 points = 6 dots.

attr_dots_beyond_chargen_max lets you have 3 more dots with XP, so 9 dots in attributes max.

ETA: Notice that these limits are on totals. It’s not limiting you to only upgrading 3 skills. It’s 3 dots beyond the chargen max. So if you had only purchased 12 action point dots in chargen, then you can buy a whole boatload of dots with XP (19, specifically).

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So if you have 10 Action Skills configured, and players get the 1s for free…

You can spend 28 points in in CG, for a total of 38 on your sheet, plus 3 you could spend with XP, for a total of 41 dots on your sheet?

And where does dots_beyond_chargen_max factor in?


dots_beyond_chargen_max isn’t used any more. It was split into action/attr versions in Beta 43 but I just didn’t delete the old one so you could have it for reference.

Some background…

  • The first version just had one limit. Max in chargen was the max you could ever have.
  • Then somebody asked that there be a way to set a limit beyond the chargen max. So I added dots_beyond_chargen_max.
  • Then somebody pointed out that if you had 6 dots beyond CG, that you could end up with 6 extra attribute dots, which seemed excessive. So I split it into action vs. attr. And here were are :slight_smile:
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Got it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

It is stupidly confusing, though. I will look at simplifying the config options in the next patch. The basic idea is just that there’s a max # of dots you can have in chargen, and a max # of dots you can have total (not counting the freebies).

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It makes perfect sense…

…as soon as it makes perfect sense. :smiley:

It just took me a while to get there. Thank you for clarifying. <3

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