Wiki: Top Nav - Menu Error

Howdy! I’m trying to change up the top_nav for my game (, but it won’t let me add a new dropdown menu or edit any of the other ones. As soon as I do it just says MENU ERROR, and I have to restore defaults again. Can anyone help?

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There’s an issue in your menu conifg. Usually that happens when you’re not using the ‘route’ field properly on one of your pages.

Route always needs to be one of the special route names from the routes page (

The most common one people get tripped up by is wiki pages. The route is not the page name (e.g. policies) it’s wiki-page and then you need to specify which page in the ‘id’ field. For example:

- title: Getting Started
  route: wiki-page
  id: getting_started

Also, if you turn on the javascript developer console in your browser (In chrome for instance it’s View -> Developer -> Javascript Console) it should print out a message telling you which menu item it’s complaining about.

If that doesn’t help, feel free to post or PM your specific config either here or on the discord, and I can give more specific advice.

Thank you that did it!

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