Who on the portal?

How hard would it be to have who’s online on the portal reflect who on the MUSH?

Just was thinking… as people (like me!) shift toward a portal-only experience, having that mirrored would be handy for, I dunno, quick-check if a medic is online!

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I think that the concept of who’s online inherently becomes less important once the portal becomes involved, because the very definition of “online” shifts. I could have the browser open to read a scene - that doesn’t really imply I’m available for RP. And page chats can happen asynchronously and whatnot.

Honestly, I only really have the “who” page on the portal as a sign of life for the game.

Since the in-game who is configurable (as far as which fields to show), it would be a fair chunk of work to port that functionality over to the portal display. I’d have to be convinced of the real utility of this before I’d consider it.

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Fair enough.

I use the portal real-time. If I’m in a scene and might want to bring in a specialist (e.g., we could sure use a bomb expert, are any online right now?), or just want to check for online staff without having to compare the /admin page to the /who page. Etc.

If it’s a big ask, it’s probably not worth it. It just occurred to me that I have all these nice configured who fields that show me useful info at a glance… but I never see them 'cause I don’t really use the MUSH anymore.

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