Web Portal Revamp Update

Just an update. As mentioned in Web Client Revamp Underway, I’ve been working on a complete redo of the web portal. It’s coming down the home stretch and I’m pretty excited about some of the new features it offers. Stay tuned!

The master branch in github has been updated with the server-side changes to strip out the old web portal, so I wouldn’t grab the latest code until the new portal is ready.

I’m also in the process of moving the Ares repositories over to a new AresMUSH “organization” account in GitHub. I’m not sure how that affects forks.

The web portal overhaul is complete and you can see it in action on BSGU. I’m churning through some bugfixes and installation script updates related to the separation of the portal and the game engine, and working on some more tutorials.

Here’s a breakdown of the web portal features.

The changeover to the AresMUSH organization account in GitHub is complete. It looks like it auto-updated any fork references, so you shouldn’t have to do anything there.

I said this on MSB, but man. This is so good that there is almost nothing that I want from it that it’s not doing (and I feel like that is saying a lot, because I did a lot of wikimedia magic).

I’ll probably run into some minor things as we start actually using, but seriously this is a fucking triumph and I’m SO excited to use it.

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Aw, thanks. It’ll be ready for folks to try soon.