V0.73 Released

Beta V0.73 is now released with various and sundry requested features and fixes.

Release Notes
How to Upgrade (no restart required)


Thank you, ma’am. These are some nifty features. :heart_eyes:

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PSA since a couple of games have been hit by this so far…

Some operating system security updates came out this week. This has nothing to do with Ares specifically – it’s like Windows updates but for your droplets. Any time this happens, admins will see a message in their in-game notices, or on the jobs screen in the portal:

Your operating system is indicating that your server needs to be rebooted - probably to finish installing automatic updates. Please restart the server (not just the game) as soon as you can. You may encounter performance or memory issues until this is done.

A pending reboot for an OS update usually eats up enough memory that you won’t be able to upgrade your web portal. You’ll see “Killed!” or “Out of memory” error when deploying the web portal.

The solution is to reboot your server (not just Ares – the whole droplet) as described in this article.

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