V0.71 Released

Beta V0.71 is now released, mostly fixes but a few new features.

Release Notes

How to Upgrade (no restart required)

Did anything change with this update that would’ve affected include-stuff on the wiki?

All links in include code are now broken. E.g., https://gray-harbor.com/wiki/home has [[include]] code for https://gray-harbor.com/wiki/inc:pagebox this page.

Apparently? :slight_smile: I’ll look into it, thx.

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Thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll prod around this side when I get home from work, 'cause there’s always that “oh lol i see what i did” probability.

It’s probably a bug. I did make a change to the wikidot link shortcut thingy in this release, to fix a different bug. It’s probable that broke your links somehow, though I don’t know why.

I figured out what’s causing this. If you don’t want to wait for the next patch, just make a minor change to plugins/website/wiki_markdown/wiki_markdown_extensions.rb and move the order of the extensions so the include one is first:

def self.preprocess_tags
          IncludeMarkdownExtension, # NOTE!!  Do includes first, otherwise any extensions inside them won't be expanded properly.
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Thank you! Works like a charm. :slight_smile:

@Blu is the one that reported the bug to me, in case you wanna credit her in the patch-notes for finding it. :slight_smile:

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