V0.66 Released

Beta V0.66 is now released, with some neat new features.

Release Notes

How to Upgrade

LOVE the “pose as” option on the scene menu. This is the best. <3 <3

Doesn’t seem to be including NPCs as poseable characters, but I’ll take all their words as mine, anyway! :wink:

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:slight_smile: Are you using an admin char or someone with the control_npcs permission? And is the NPC added as a scene participant? It seemed to be working for me, but as with any new feature I might have missed something.

Yep. Put her in the scene and am playing as my admin, but she’s not on the drop-down.

I also tested it on a “totally clean” game, and it’s the same result.

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Oh oops. Yeah, you’re right. Apparently I busted it in-between the time I originally tested it and the final release. Will fix in the next patch.

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