V0.56 Released

Beta V0.56 is now released. This version has a bunch of new features and fixes, including improvements to the notifications framework and a fix for the annoying tooltip web portal errors.

Release Notes
How to Upgrade

If you’re on V55, the new portal upgrade button should work this time!

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If anybody happened to upgrade last night, you’ll need to run the upgrade again. I forgot to make the web portal part of the release. Sorry about that.

Also I realized that the upgrade button needs some more work. It doesn’t give you any feedback immediately after you click it. So just don’t click it repeatedly.

Also note that it takes about 2-3 minutes for the web portal to deploy after the upgrade. For now, you can tell when everything is done by doing a force-refresh and checking the versions at the bottom of the web portal. I’ll work on adding a better indication.

This has actually been since V 0.55, but I kept forgetting to test/mention it: Recent forum replies are making the portal’s recent forum posts twig a little.

So the “Ares Upgrade 0.56” topic is me creating it and then replying to it. But the “Grand Olympic Casino” one stamped two “replied to,” but there was only one reply today.

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There’s a typo in /plugins/events/helpers.rb

  event.signups.each do |s|
    Login.notify(s.character, :event, mesage, event.id)

There’s a “mesage” that should be a “message.” It still edits the event; it just also flashes an error. :slight_smile:

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Will fix in the next patch, thanks.

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I don’t see any errors from this, but someone let me know about this happening:

Good evening! I just encountered a bug in the Places code. While Frankie and I are logged in to the client and present with our bits in scene 2230, we also have private scene 2221 open in the portal. Having joined Places in scene 2230 I posed in scene 2221 to discover the my pose came with the places prefix from 2230. Frankie tested with the same result.

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Yeah, that’s not an error per se (I mean, it’s a bug, but you won’t see it in the log) – it’s just an unexpected interaction of me making places accessible via web. They were tied to the room you’re in on the game. Since you can only be in one room, you can only be in one place. I’ll have to change the data storage to let you be in a different place per scene. Thanks.

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I believe the reason for this is because you can just type request 21 and see the info for that request number, but passing this along from someone on GH:

The request command will not allow you to submit a request that starts with a number for the title. So, for instance: request 21 Elm Street=

%% I think you meant to respond to a request. Use request/respond <#>=

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It’s actually because a lot of people would try to do:

request 21=Something I want to reply.

But that would actually submit a new request titled “21=Something I want to reply”, which is super-annoying.

Thanks for the feedback, but I think that the safeguard against unintentionally creating a new request (which happens fairly frequently) is more important than the ability to create a request starting with a number.

I can tweak the error message to address this situation, though.

Ohh, yep. That would make sense.

Will pass that along. :slight_smile: