V0.46 Released

Beta v0.46 has been released with some new features and important fixes.

Note: This upgrade requires that you restart your game engine.

Release Notes

How to Upgrade

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The update seems to have changed the webclient. I don’t use it frequently, but a couple of people who do are reporting that the extended colors are no longer working. I confirmed it with a quick skim of “colors.”

Just checking if this is intended?

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Not intended, but yes - that’s a bug that spirit lake also reported this AM. Will be fixed in the next patch. Thanks!

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I’m not 100% sure about the scenario that lead up to this. As best I can tell…

Someone started a scene/vignette in a room she called “Home,” shared it, decided to unshare it, tried to change it to private, and got:

2019-04-09 23:48:56 ERROR - Error in scene/privacy 147=Private: client=881 error=undefined method room_type' for nil:NilClass backtrace=["/home/ares/aresmush/plugins/scenes/commands/scene_info_cmd.rb:80:inset_privacy’", “/home/ares/aresmush/plugins/scenes/commands/scene_info_cmd.rb:37:in block in handle'", "/home/ares/aresmush/plugins/scenes/helpers.rb:199:inwith_a_scene’”, “/home/ares/aresmush/plugins/scenes/commands/scene_info_cmd.rb:25:in handle'", "/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/plugin/command_handler.rb:25:inon_command’”, “/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/commands/dispatcher.rb:83:in block (3 levels) in on_command'", "/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/error_block.rb:6:inwith_error_handling’”, “/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/commands/dispatcher.rb:78:in block (2 levels) in on_command'", "/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/commands/dispatcher.rb:76:ineach’”, “/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/commands/dispatcher.rb:76:in `block in on_command’”]

I was able to join the scene and set it private from within the scene.

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