Urbs Novum Eboracum of the Old Gods

A spooky pulp fiction-inspired game in NYC starting in 1935, for the first season slowly moving forward in time! Players’ actions shape the world and the narrative is the goal, allowing real action to have an actual impact on the story and the world around it.

I want to tell stories, grant stories I have this plotted out now from 1935-1965 with stories and seasons, everything is ready to go on the plot side of things. Have the desc all ready to go, and have NPC’s built.

I am ready to set it up but I just need some help with Ares Q and A, showing me what does what. I can handle it once it’s live, but might have questions on how to get it to function and the such. I’m a faster learner, it’s just very daunting to me.


You’re welcome to post questions here in the AresMUSH section. Or if you’d like to join the discord to get faster chat support, just PM me for an invite.