Thundergulch down?

Goooooood afternoon!

Attempts to ‘negotiate’ connection to the Thundergulch game via my SimpleMu client just stall out, unable to finish the connection. Attempting to open the web portal generates this error message:

The website is not receiving live updates from the game. Try reloading the page.

I’m guessing the entire game must be experiencing down time, so thought I’d report in case nobody else has happened across it yet!

Have a great day, y’all.

I don’t know anything about the game’s status, but FWIW I can’t connect to it either.

Okay thanks!! At least I know it isn’t just me. :slight_smile: It was running fine yesterday, so wondered if it had a hiccup with the time change somehow (big shrug) or admin was working out some kinks, or if it was just a spontaneous glitch with server.

I’ll keep trying throughout the day. I haven’t got a means to contact anyone outside the in-game pm system, so will sit and cross fingers.

FYI to any who read and wondered, Thundergulch mush is back up and running!