The Woodward Agency

Thank you for contacting the Woodward Agency. Rosie speaking. How may I direct your call?

It’s the early nineties and you’re what people call Lucky. You live in the city of New Coventry, Maine, home to about a million people, and no small number of cryptoids - the strange creatures that defy mainstream scientific classification. You work either full-time or part-time for the Woodward Agency, where you use your Advantages as a Lucky individual to help exterminate nuisance monsters and preserve the environments of more fragile creatures - whether that’s protecting unicorns from horn-poachers or shotgunning harpies in their big stupid faces.

Our game is set in the 1990s on a version of Earth that’s just a little off-normal - things are a little grittier and more prone to the fantastic, especially for Lucky individuals. We’re using Ares and FS3 (with house rules for Luck and Advantages). Suggested reading to get your arms around the theme:

  • The Woodward Agency - The Woodward Agency’s goal is to ensure the preservation of wildlife, specifically the creatures that are especially susceptible to human intervention.
  • The Lucky - It’s not magic, it’s just really good luck.
  • Cryptoids - The “magical” flora and fauna that the Woodward Agency charges itself with preserving (and sometimes exterminating, let’s be honest).
  • New Coventry - New Coventry, Maine. The city of a million people - where the action occurs.

You can find us at: port 4201 or

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