Text-Based Gaming Blog

Just found out about this blog devoted to text-based gaming. It’s a little slanted towards MUDs but does have some good general articles about game running and RP. Thought it might be of interest to folks: https://writing-games.com/


I was thinking recently that I don’t have enough content specific to MUSHes (or AresMUSH, for that matter), and thought I’d toss out an invitation to the AresMUSH community:

I’d love to interview someone about an active game or project they’re working on.

Here’s an interview I just finished up with the creators of Mystavaria, and they tossed out some really nice recs for the Evennia game engine:


I could see something similar for an AresMUSH game and would be happy to highlight the platform’s strengths in the context of an active project. :slight_smile:

Another recent interview example:


If you’re interested, drop me a line! Aside from interviews, there may also be opportunities to highlight games in relevant blog posts, as well.


It’s here! The first interview with a creator using the AresMUSH platform:

Spes did a nice job highlighting some of the strengths of AresMUSH and gave Faraday a warm shout-out, too. I hope to do at least a few more of these in the future, as I’m sure there’s plenty more to cover.


That’s cool. Thanks for sharing!

And here’s another with a shoutout for AresMUSH: