Suggestions for the "scene" commands

Hello alls,

I am discovering AresMush with pleasure, and simply would like to suggest some little modifications of the “scene” commands:

  • There’s currently no simple way to only get the informations about a scene without the full log. I suggest scene #id does just that, and scene does it for the current scene.
  • To see the list of scenes, one would have to enter scenes
  • To see the logs, one can still use scene/log or scene/repose.
  • In the scene informations, I’d happily see the datetime of the last pose and the pose order.
  • As far as I know, there’s no scene/warning to set up the content warning available on the web portal. If a command exists, it’s not mentionned in the help file.

That’s all. Thanks for the great work !


Thanks for the feedback.

I can certainly add a scene/warning command for in-game. That was just an oversight.

For the scene info - scene/repose 1 will give you the scene info with just a single pose. Generally though you’d just use the ‘look’ command instead to see the location/participants/etc. in the room description. Things like scene summary and title usually aren’t set until after the scene is done, so there doesn’t seem to be a lot of value in making a separate command to view just the scene info. Unless I’m missing something about what you’re needing to do?

pose/order (po for short) will show you just the pose order, and the time of the last pose.

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Hello Faraday,

I realized that checking for scene info is done before sharing the scene. At this point, I need a quick overview of what is set and what is not, check typos, etc. I figured about scene/repose 1 but simply thought it was not very user friendly. But indeed, it’s not of great importance.

Thanks for answering so quickly !

Ah, I see. If this is something a lot of folks do, I could add a shortcut for scene/info or something. Personally when I go to share a log I usually do it from the portal so I can fix typos/formatting in the log itself, so it just wasn’t a scenario that occurred to me.