Suggestion: Keep poses in the web portal until they're confirmed

I’ve seen it happen a few times where the game will clear the pose window in the process of sending the pose, but something will go wrong and the pose will not show up on the game. Since there’s no recall on the pose window, this means whatever I wrote is lost. Instead, I’d like to suggest that when you click on the send-pose button, it edit-locks the pose field and greys out the buttons while it waits for a response from the server, and if one doesn’t come in X seconds, it recommends that you save your pose to a note file and reload the page.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’m more interested in what is going wrong that’s causing the pose to not show up on the game. Are you getting an error?

I think the same thing has always happened to me.

It happens to me on my work computer. Sometimes, the portal stops receiving updates but doesn’t give the notification, and the pose-order timer will continue counting normally. It’s similar to when I switch apps on my iPad and switch back; the portal looks like it’s working, but really it’s not. I have to hit refresh to be sure.

Since the most recent updates, it’s happened a lot less at work. It used to be if I was idle on the portal more than 10ish minutes. Now, it seems to be able to keep sending me updates even if I don’t touch it for a half-hour or so.


Any time I’ve had something like this happen, it’s not just not shown up, but gone to a Picard page. For me that tends to happen when my connection is being iffy, but not enough that the site reports as losing connection, just enough that when it actually tries to send the pose, it fails and errors. I don’t think that version could be solved with something like what’s suggested, though.

This is one reason I recommend the Typio extension to people, though user error and computer crashes and such are others…

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Right, like @Ren said - if you’re getting redirected to a sad picard, keeping the pose in a buffer won’t help because you’ve already left the page.

The play screen is supposed to give a notification when it loses connection to the game, but it sounds like maybe that’s not working as-intended, or maybe it’s in a place that doesn’t get noticed. I can look into that more.

However, if the browser thinks you’ve got a connection to the game at the instant you click “Send”, but something happens to the message on the way there, there’s not much I can do. The portal has lost its ability to talk to the game, and there’s no way to tell that it’s just a transient error. It’s a condition deserving of a sad picard.

Typio sounds like a great browser extension that would help you avoid any inconvenience.

I don’t get a sad Picard. I hit “send pose” and absolutely nothing happens. When I refresh, it’s 50/50 if the pose went through or it got gobbled up by the work firewall.

Ctrl+A / ctrl+C / ctrl+Enter solves it. :wink:


If it got gobbled by the work firewall, you should have gotten a sad picard because the browser would have never gotten a response from the game. So it sounds like something strange is going on. If you see it happen again, could you please check your browser console and network tab of the developer tools to see if there are any clues as to what’s happening?

Will do. It’s much more rare since v102, but I’ll see about reproducing it next week.

Even stranger, since I did absolutely nothing in 102 that would affect the browser to game communication :joy:

Maybe there was some network change coincidental to the 102 release timing? I dunno. :woman_shrugging: