Suggestion: Hidden Entrances

Is there any way to make it so that we can make entrances hidden (i.e. the exit does not show up in the room desc?) I know it’s sort of a moot point since all the rooms are already on the wiki and can be “JUMP” to, and therefore will never be truly hidden, but I have sooooooooooooooooo many ideas for secret rooms and I hate that I can’t make them :frowning:


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Thanks for the suggestion, but yeah, as you pointed out - Ares is geared towards transparency, not immersion. If there’s a room, it’s going to be listed in scenes, in the location directory, etc. There’s nothing to stop you from starting a scene in any location, even if you can’t “find” the exit.

You can certainly do a secret grid with Ares, but it would require custom code.

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You could ‘mark’ exits as ICly ‘hidden’ by color coding them with ANSI. It wouldn’t make them invisible, but it might give you some of the feel that you want.

Good idea. You can also couple that by locking the exit to a special role like “discovered_atlantis” that prevents them from going through the exit if they haven’t ICly been dubbed by staff to have discovered it.

This only goes so far, though, because - as mentioned, the portal, meetme, scene temp rooms, etc. all still allow access to the room. Making a section of the grid truly “off limits” is going to require a fairly invasive system that crosses a lot of different commands in the rooms/scenes plugin.

Personally, I’m not concerned with whether hidden rooms are on scenes or can be started with the scene system. I want to give my players the benefit of the doubt. But being able to make an exit hidden for a player until they’ve discovered it (gone through it or looked at it) would be really great. It increases immersion without going too far down some opinionated game style.

Being able to configure visibility of an exit by role and per player and also each individually should someone choose to not combine them would be really cool. You could have something be discoverable for a certain group, making interesting things that are exclusive to each of your groups. As an example, take a medieval-esque game that has guilds, the guilds would be the groups in the features I’m discussing above.

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I understand where you’re coming from, but I have no plans for adding that to Ares. As mentioned, Ares is geared towards a more ‘grid lite’ system, as reflected in the prevalence of features like the room directory, starting a scene anywhere, jumping around the grid with scene/join and meetme, etc. It is simply not designed for the kind of ‘discover the grid’ immersion you’re looking for. However, you could certainly accomplish what you’re describing through custom code.