Suggestion, finding jobs by status

I can think of a few good reasons to want to find jobs by status explicitly.

Also, I think anyone who is going to put in more statuses beyond what is stock will need it.

As an example (might not be the best example for wide applicability):
I created a closed status called BACKLOG. I like to put in code things as I discover them, but putting things on HOLD does not clean up off of the mine filter and some others. To me, HOLD functionality seems more suitable to pausing a job to work on something else or something be blocked, and that makes sense you’d want those to be visible all the time.

Unfortunately, bc BACKLOG is a closed state (in order to get it to hide itself), there’s no easy way to search for these with /search, and there’s no /filter either (perhaps this isn’t the best example for /filter but mine is really only meant to just an example for a closed state custom status).

Thank you for your consideration either way!


Heh I already thought you could. So yeah… just an oversight :slight_smile: thx for the suggestion.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

two issues in v0.74+

#1 jobs/search status=BACKLOG where BACKLOG is a custom status that has been set to be a done status.

I cannot search for these in bulk in any way it seems, so it is a lost cause to find them.

Is this working for you or am I just getting the syntax wrong for finding all of a custom status?

#2 Also, when I enter a malformed jobs/filter command, I get this output (seems like those with shortcut switches like /mine are listed twice, implying two of the same name are unique in some way):

%% That is not a valid filter type.  Try one of these: ["ACTIVE", "MINE", "ALL", "UNFINISHED", "UNREAD", "APP", "BUILD", "BUG", "CODE", "ALERT", "MISC", "PLOT", "REQ", "RP", "SYS", "SUGGESTION", "ARES", "WIKI", "ACTIVE", "MINE", "UNREAD", "UNFINISHED", "ALL"]
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The things you set up in status_filters aren’t statuses, they’re filters. So jobs/filter Backlog should do what you want. Also you can select it from the filter dropdown on the web portal. jobs/search only accepts searches by title and submitter.

Will fix the error message. Thx.

As stated, I also did jobs/filter BACKLOG and it doesn’t work.

But, I found out the problem…ME!
I didn’t see the jobs documentation of status filters and the release information just said it’s now searchable. I should have checked all my bases, but this just slipped in my troubleshooting.

TLDR: resolved and thank you so much! This is great and better than my path-of-least-resistance suggestion.

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