Suggestion: Expand 'log' window

Currently, on a scene page, you have your info box at top, then the log, then your input window at the bottom. The log only really shows the last couple poses, meaning a lot of scrolling sometimes. Zooming out on Chrome doesn’t change this (just makes it harder to read! ;)).

It’d be nice if you could ‘collapse’ the info box or ‘expand’ the log window. One or the other! That way you can see more of what’s going on in the scene. Not sure how difficult it’d be to manage (might be very/impossible), but I would absolutely love the capability.


I could add a collapse thingy for the info box at the top, but I’ve found that just scrolling down past the desc and stuff works even better.

Then you’re not losing any real estate whatsoever to the info stuff, not even a “collapse/show” indicator.

This is what I see (example scene):

The issue is that you can only see, roughly, the last 3 things said/posed. If I could collapse that top box / expand the log window, I’d be able to see more of the scene itself.

Yeah what I meant was to actually scroll the browser window itself so only the top of the scene log box is in view.

Big monitor, so even if I scroll all the way down…

The issue isn’t seeing the scene info, it’s that I feel like there’s a lot of lost territory. Longer poses have to be scrolled through. Two OOC comments can scroll a pose/s off the screen. But if there was a way to expand the log part, you could see more at once.

I think we’re talking about different things. Your original post suggested making the scene info area collapsible. I was pointing out that you don’t really need a button to do that. Just scroll the browser window down until the “top” of the browser viewport is positioned at the top of the scene log window.

Now yes, if you have a huge monitor there’s some wasted space at the bottom. Making the scene window customizable so it expands downward involves dragging/dropping type stuff, which is more complex than I’m prepared to take on at the moment, sorry.

Well, collapsible in the sense that it could allow ‘room’ for the log to be larger.

And yeah, I figured it might be complex (as noted in the original post), but I wanted to make note of it just in case it was doable.

I think we’re still talking past each other and I’m not sure who’s missing what.

Here is my full browser window. All the real estate is available to the scene window. No collapsing needed. All I had to do was use the browser scrollbar (the one at far right – not the scene log scrollbar) to scroll the page down.

Must be my Chrome, then.
Because neither SGM nor the other Ares game I’m on expand out any further than the screenshot I put above. The box remains the same size and shows, at best, 3 poses/entries (be they OOC or whatever).

#live-scene-log seems to have, by default, max-height: 400px. That’s probably the issue for you, because you have a large enough screen that the entire page fits at once. You could try using an extension like Stylebot and setting a style for the relevant pages something like:

    #live-scene-log {
        max-height: 100vh;

…which should make the scene window the height of your browser window. Maybe try more like 80vh if you want to have room for the entry box on your screen too.

(As someone with a very small screen, I would not particularly want to see this become the default, though.)

@Auspice I don’t think it’s your chrome, I think it’s just we’re talking about different effects. Like Ren said, the size of the log box is fixed; it won’t expand downward if you’ve got more space.

What I was talking about is the top part, which is definitely scrollable. Just like you can scroll down to get the header image and stuff out of view, you can also scroll down to get the scene info stuff out of view. It just might take a little extra mouse move because once you enter the text area, your touchpad/wheel scrolling starts scrolling the log box, not the whole browser page. You have to move the mouse out of the text area to keep scrolling the page down.

Yeah the defaults are designed for a modest laptop screen size. That won’t change.

The ideal UX would be to let the player drag everything the way they want it (and then remember those settings), but that’s just too much work right now.

I am pleased the default won’t change, 'cause mine’s definitely pretty modest! :wink:

Until the Ideal UX becomes a thing that’s doable, though, I do find the Stylebot extension for Chrome very useful for fixing ‘that thing that bugs me but no one else’ on various sites, and it ought to be able to handle this for someone who wants it!

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@Ren @Auspice I think I figured out how to do this. Could you please try it with your game’s custom styling and/or Stylebot and let me know if it works for you?

#live-scene-log {
    height: calc(100vh - 400px);
    min-height: 300px;

Did not seem to work in custom css. Will wait to hear re: stylebot.

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Oh well. Worth a try anyway. Thanks for testing.

It worked tossing it in via Inspect, though for me it makes the log window a bit too small. I really don’t have a lot of vertical real estate to work with, so I often just don’t have the entire posing box/buttons on the screen. However, when I zoomed out to simulate a much bigger screen, it was also working as intended for that. If you decide to use it, maybe just with a bigger min-height?

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Yeah I scaled it to keep the posing buttons on-screen but that’s not strictly necessary. Thx for the feedback.

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That’s what I figured, and it worked perfectly for that! I have a 14" screen and only 768 pixels of vertical space, so once the chrome’s taken into account, I end up with the 300px height in that set-up and it’s not quite enough to work with. 400px min-height is still a little tight, but I can work with that more easily even if it does mean the whole thing doesn’t quite fit for me.