Suggestion: Echo announcements to channel

Title probably speaks for itself, but I have to put stuff here or it won’t let me post. :wink:

Would it be possible to have announcements (via the announce command) echo to a channel?

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Possible, yes, but what’s the use case for it? You can’t escape the announcement emit due to its importance, so echoing it to a channel would just double-spam anyone who happened to be on that channel. (that’s why it doesn’t echo to the game channel currently; it felt redundant)

I don’t know if it’s just me but… when I switch over to my portal after an announcement, I never manage to read it before it slides off.

If not a channel, maybe just a place you could click to read recent announcements.

Also for those who log in shortly after the emit, it would be nice if you could see it in a channel/recall.

Most games have an Announcements forum for that purpose. The announce command is more for transient announcements - the game’s about to shut down, an event’s about to start, stuff like that.

I can certainly echo it to the game channel if that’s the consensus. (Others feel free to chime in with their preference.) I just don’t see a lot of folks logging in and immediately checking recall on the Game channel to see if they missed something.

I’d just find it handy. Since they are transient and often include things that it would kinda suck to miss if you logged in 30 seconds post-announcement / switched back to the portal just in time to not be able to read the little tag before it disappears. Like “the game will be going down for maintenance in 5 minutes, so save your work.”

Sure, I get that.

My point is that I don’t think echoing it to a channel will help that. Unless you’re in the habit of logging in and then immediately doing channel/recall game to see if you’ve just missed something. You know what I mean?

I get what you mean.

The thing it would help is when you switch to your portal JUST in time to see that there was an announcement… but you can’t read it before it slides away. Since channels can be turned on/off, people playing from the MUSH could just turn off Announcement (or whatever) to avoid the double spam.

I think it can actually be useful for people who are portal users. Since it disappears so quickly, people who are portal-only are highly likely to miss the ‘game will go down in five minutes for upgrades’ announcement. However, if there’s an ‘Announcements’ channel, they’ll flip back to their game tab and see ‘Oh, there’s an announcement’ rather than just see the game is down (and think maybe it crashed!) a bit later.

It may not be as handy for people actively on the game, but it’d be very handy for people on the portal.

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