Star Wars: Restoration

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away…

The Emperor is dead! The Second Death star is destroyed, Coruscant has been freed, and the Rebellion is triumphant. Leia Organa is now General of the NEW REPUBLIC on Chandrila, and is preparing their Army to liberate worlds such as Kashyyyk and Mandalore. In the meantime, her brother Luke Skywalker has returned to the ancient home of the JEDI ORDER on Tython, and is gathering students to plumb the secrets of the planet and rebuild the Jedi after their long exile.

Without its leader, the Empire is crumbling–but new threats rise in its place. The GRYSK HEGEMONY has its hooks in the remnants of the Empire, and is trying to move on the fledgling Republic before it can become a true threat. They have also caused a civil war in the CHISS ASCENDANCY, home of Mitth’raw’nuruodo or Thrawn. The former Grand Admiral has returned from his exile in Wild Space to face down his old foe, and is gathering allies among the Jedi and New Republic while actively defecting from the Empire in favor of loyalty to his own species.

Along the Outer Rim, there are whispers of a growing threat that both the Republic and the Empire are ignoring. Ships on far-flung trade routes send distress calls and are never heard from again. Outposts on the edge of the galaxy have gone missing, as if entire space stations were never there. Whole planets have disappeared before the eyes of credible witnesses. Resentment is building amongst people all too often forgotten by galactic politics, even as the Force tries to spur those of its users still alive to action to defend the galaxy from an ancient threat…

Star Wars: Restoration is an AresMUSH game that uses the Fate Core system. Set two years after the events of Return of the Jedi, during the final fall of the Empire and the rise of the New Republic, the PCs are new heroes for a new set of stories about hope, rebuilding, and coming together in dark times.

Our setting follows the Canon timeline up until the Battle of Endor, but brings in elements of Legends worldbuilding. PCs might be members of the New Republic, or Independent types based out of Nar Shaddaa. We have no limits on Force users. We welcome player input, especially on new species and Force powers, and encourage players to run their own plots.

We’re currently in Beta, which means there’s still some playtesting to be done and coding to finish up. Our overarching staff-run story is running strong, but still has plenty of room for new players to get involved and be core parts of the story. There’s also lots of scope for personal stories and smaller scale plots.
Now’s the time to come join us at port 4201!
You can also find our game Discord at Star Wars: Restoration