Spirit Lake Updates

As an FYI to folk who believed my ‘this will be a quick shutdown, we’ll be right back’ notice…

We did have some difficulties restarting, and the game is down. Hopefully we’ll get it sorted shortly.


ETA: And we’re back! Everyone say THANKS @Faraday!

The Spirit Lake portal is down, it’s not just you. Will work on it asap!

We’re back up.

Next time I’ll try not to make really stupid mistakes just before running off to a meeting.

Yes, the web portal is broken. I’m working on it. SORRY GUYS.


Web portal is broken, I’m sorry. :frowning:

Game is up, though!

ETA: Fixed.

We’re experiencing some issues related to our server. If you’re having trouble connecting or loading the portal, it’s not just you!

See here.

It looks like Digital Ocean, which hosts us, is having connectivity issues. As far as I know, no one can connect to the game at present.

Info here: https://status.digitalocean.com/incidents/yl504g6fsznn

We’re back! DO doesn’t look like it’s resolved its issue, though, so if we go down again tonight, that’s why.

Digital Ocean is having network issues. Connection will probably be sporadic until they get it fixed. You can follow info here:


We are in the middle of a very, very long server upgrade this morning. Hopefully we’ll be back soon.

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