Spirit Lake Connectivity

This is a thread for people on Spirit Lake to document any connectivity issues they may have, specifically re: the web portal.

If you experience connectivity issues, please note it and include as many details as possible. For example:

  • Time/Date
  • Device/OS
  • Browser
  • Page you were on
  • What you were doing (including if you were idle for a time)


Thanks in advance for any feedback folks provide.

I just wanted to clarify at the outset that the web portal connection to the game WILL go down on mobile devices when your device goes to sleep. This is, unfortunately, standard websocket behavior on mobile browsers.

Someday this will be addressed with an Ares mobile app, but that’s quite a ways away.

In the mean time, just reload the web page when your device wakes, and it will re-establish the game connection.


Also if anyone does see issues with the web portal not updating something ‘live’ like it should, it would be super-helpful if you could check the sidebar to see if the game knows that it’s not getting updates. Added bonus would be checking the browser console for weird errors (right-click -> Inspect -> Console on most browsers.)

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Oh hey! I had this today. 2/10/18 at 11:52 AM Eastern time. I’m on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3 (latest Mac OS), Chrome version 71.0.3578.98. I was on the Active Scenes page and mostly it had just been sitting idle for a bit. I wish I could say exactly how long – maybe half an hour?

And here’s a screenshot of the console:

Don’t think I’d randomly run into this happening before offhand. I got a notification about it losing connection and everything.


That forEach error is actually unrelated to the connectivity issues but still a bug in the active scene list update. Thanks for the tip!

Lol oh well, at least it was still helpful! YAY ME.

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So, this is definitely my work firewall (since Duck Client also stopped working between yesterday and today), but I thought I’d throw it out there.

I can still connect to M*s via the Cheesesoftware, and I’m still able to browse around the portal (for now), but I can’t login/logout.

Yes, unfortunately work firewalls sometimes block websocket connections. You won’t be able to access the ‘live’ stuff like the “Play” screen, but I wouldn’t expect login to break because it uses the same query system that the other screens (browsing scenes, etc.) use. What error are you getting when you try to log in or out?

Incidentally, Cheesesoftware has an advanced connection library that falls back to HTTP polling if websockets don’t work. Someday I hope to integrate something like that into Ares but it requires a tech learning curve so it won’t be any time soon.

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Actually, the logout situation seems to have resolved itself.

It was giving me the sad Picard this morning. So that’s \o/

And no worries. I kinda figured it was a “just me” thing. There are work-arounds~! :slight_smile:

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