Specials for Stances

One thing that has come up recently is that sometimes a game’s theme or storytellers might want a way to boost a character’s resistance/defensive traits in combat.

You can take Defensive and Evasive, sure; but for example, if something (a drug, a compound, a spell, whatever, doesn’t have to be supernatural, maybe you’re a Cylon) gives you bonus Composure, there’s no way to apply it to the character (short of giving them more actual Composure), and since Composure aids in resisting knockout, that makes it a bummer.

My suggestion is Specials for Stances. Much the same way you have combat/weapon Unarmed+[Special That Adds Certain Whatever] or combat/armor Armored Clothing+[Special That Also Adds a Certain Whatever] –

– could we have combat/stance Normal+[Special That Gives +X Composure], for example? I know Stances are about how you’re handling yourself in combat but this seems like a good spot for a Special like that, no?


That’s a reasonable request, but it doesn’t fit within my vision for FS3, sorry. Recall that FS3 is designed for near-modern combat involving basic humans. Non-enhanced, non-cybered, non-magical, non-super… just humans. I understand that folks keep using it for other themes, but it’s not really designed for that and - as you’ve noted - it doesn’t fit very well.

Also should be noted - the organizer can assign modifiers to damage taken, initiative, attack and defense. While true that doesn’t specifically address knockout rolls, I think it offers enough variety to cover most situations that GMs are liable to encounter in mortal combat.