Shattered MU

Shattered is a game focused on a group of warrior mages and their bonded mythics - dragons, griffins, pegasi, and other mythical flying creatures. As members of the Wardens, they face rising mysteries and threats 70 years after the apocalypse destroyed the world as we know it.

We are a PvE game with a strong metaplot and regular player-run plots and events, with a focus on distracted and synchronous RP.

As spring rises into full swing and we head into our second year of play, two major plot points provide an easy in for new characters: the threat of Shattered monsters on the border and unusual occurrences inside the Prism Passes.

For the next few weeks, all new characters can hit the grid running with either an unusual experience in the Prism or a recent combat encounter with a Shattered skirmish before their transfer to the PC post of North Weyr.

Seventy years ago, the barrier between our world and theirs shattered. Monsters and magic ravaged humanity, tearing it apart.

But humanity did not go easily. Some humans mastered magic, bonding themselves to the very monsters who seek to destroy us. They became Wardens, a group sworn to serve and protect the half million citizens of the Cradle. Their power made it possible to carve out a safe haven where civilization can grow in the aftermath of the apocalypse.

For over thirty years, the Cradle’s borders have been secure.

But now, the Shattered monsters who destroyed the world are stirring with renewed purpose.

For nearly a year, they have hammered the Cradle’s southern border and attacked convoys that reach outside it. The Wardens have pushed back, striking at supply lines and outposts and even into the minds of the Shattered themselves. After a winter detente, the spring thaw is seeing a renewed effort to break through the magic alarm that protects the Cradle.

Worse, the Prism has begun to cause growing worry. The untamed paths that serve as shortcuts between the world have always been changeable and mysterious - but not like THIS. Whatever’s going on in the Prism doesn’t feel usual at all - and it’s more dangerous than ever.