Setup_test_game script

So thought I’d start looking around ares’ code as I am familar with ruby from rails work a long time ago.

Got the server up and running on my windows machine under wsl and hit some questions.

What is ‘setup_test_game’ for in the bin folder? This to setup the server to run some automated tests or is a a default sandbox people have built for dev work?

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That script doesn’t work, and will be removed completely in the next patch. (along with create_test_user)

They were part of an unsuccessful experiment in trying to get a ‘test’ ares game running on the same droplet as the real game. Such a setup is technically possible, but I don’t support it and advise against it.

There are some tips for building a dev sandbox in the dev tools article.

The automated unit tests can be run with bin/test, though most folks never need to do it.