Sent webportal pages currently do not echo to client

It’d be nice if pages sent in the webportal were echoed to the client as well-- when I’m running with both my telnet client and the webportal open, I only see half of the conversation in my telnet client.


Thanks for the suggestion. I can see merits to both ways. If you’re sending from the portal, then presumably that’s where you’re primarily communicating and you don’t necessarily need to spam yourself on the client too. But I can also understand wanting to see both sides of the convo in client.

I don’t really have a strong preference myself. Curious to hear what others would prefer.

I guess since the other side of the conversation shows up on in the client, it probably is weird to not see your side of it.

Never did this myself, but I can see how it might make log-reading weird, for example.

The txt extra is configured to show both sides of the conversation in the client, so unless games are modifying the extras to remove that, it would seem there’s at least some preference to have it that way.

I do this, and I would also prefer if it echoed them to client when it’s open too. Honestly, if it were doing only one side with them both open, I’d rather be getting it just in the client and not having the play page getting pinged with each pm, so the current arrangement is kind of the worst of both worlds for me. I try to remember not to read/reply to pages in the portal because if I do I lose my side from my logs.

I don’t think the text plugin behavior is really relevant. Many games don’t even use it since it’s an extra, and most players tend to just accept the way things are (for example, nobody complained about the pages not echoing to client up till now.)

I’m not in the habit of keeping OOC client logs, so not having the pages in the client log would be a benefit for me. But I can understand the desire to have them there, and it is a little oddly inconsistent. Should be easy enough to change.

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I think I end up on the side of wanting pages on the web portal to be echoed in the client. I do remember running into that recently and finding it odd that it didn’t.

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I’m with those who’d prefer an echo. The missing bits of conversation in the client can definitely be jarring. Maybe I’m odd in this way but, more often than not, I’m playing in-client and on the portal simultaneously (unless I’m on my phone). I actually paged someone something a couple days ago that was essentially a paraphrase of what I’d already sent them because I was rereading the client text and thought I’d missd something.

The Scenes system stripping out OOC stuff/not caring about channels and pages you’re getting alleviates what was always my main issue with keeping a ‘clean’ screen, to minimize log-editing difficulties.