Seeking Coder For Web C-Gen System

I’ve done what I can to try and learn how to code a cgen system for the web, and I’ve concluded that it’d take me more time than I can dedicate to it. However, I’d still like a web-based character generation system for the game I’m working on, so I thought I’d fish around for one.

Not looking for a freebie. I’m willing to pay if we can come to an agreement. I don’t think it’d be too complex. What I’m looking for is…

  • The ability to set a number of attributes.
  • The ability to set the rank of a number of skills.
  • The ability to select a “kin”(supernatural race) that will modify a character’s attributes and grant them a number of default edges(powers).
  • The ability to add new powers from a list of those available to the character and to set their rank.
  • Edges are purchased from a pool of Humanity that has 2 costs(an initial cost and then a cost ratio, X Humanity for Y ranks in an edge).
  • A character sheet on the profile of the character.

Some things are figured from character attributes(such as base skill ranks) and a few secondary attributes(Survival Points and Hand to Hand Damage). It’s the Nightlife RPG if anyone is familiar with it.

I think that’s about it. I might not even need someone to do the whole thing, just get the skeleton up and I might be able to take over.

If interested please message me here. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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