Seeking Accessibility Feedback

If you or someone you know plays MUSHes with a screen reader or other accessibility device, I would love to get feedback about how to make AresMUSH more accessible to everyone. Feel free to PM me or post here.

If you haven’t played Ares, you can log onto the test server (formerly BSGU, now a sandbox) or check out Chontio, @Skew’s new Star Wars game running on Ares.

I was recently informed by Chime how screen readers work. Apparently the ones she had time to check would read repeated characters as just a single character, so 30 dashes, Room name, 30 dashes would read as “dash room name dash”.

Alternating characters, however, read each character. So “-=-=-=-=-” reads as “dash equals dash equals…” you get the idea.

So, this isn’t really Ares specific. But I think setting default lines as a single character would be a boon to those people who use screen readers?

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