Scene Participation Bug?

I was reviewing the logs to track down another bug and found a lot of this:

2019-10-08 23:28:50 WARN - Model AresMUSH::Character failed to respond to scene_participation_count undefined method `scene_participation_count=’ for #AresMUSH::Character:0x000055cdc494a380
Did you mean? scenes_participated_in=

Reviewing other logs it seems to be happening almost constantly.

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Just curious if you grabbed 0.64 right after it was released? I had that bug, and just had to grab the patch again and load the scenes plugin to fix it.

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Yep, there was a hotfix for that. I got a little overzealous cleaning up a database field. Thanks KarmaBum.

Ah, that’s probably it then. I’ll repatch then. Thanks!