++ Scene log active ++ notification include whether the scene already has poses?

A player today mentioned to me that they have often missed that there were already poses in a scene they were joining on the game (rather than on the portal).

I had the idea that it would be nice if the notice that the scene log was active in the room also indicated whether there were already poses.

Would this be useful to you, or redundant?


It would be useful for those who don’t use the portal. There’ still a few out there :slight_smile:

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I use the client but just automatically check the scene log when I join.

But then, I’m used to games with loggers where I’d +log/show to see poses that happened before I got there as well :slight_smile:

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I personally think this is a great idea.

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Would use!

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scene/repose and scene/log are handy for seeing what’s happened if you’re in the client, but yeah, it’d be nice to be able to see something like…

+++ Scene log active: https://gray-harbor.com/scene-live/4518 +++
              +++ There have been 3 poses so far. +++


+++ 3 poses in scene log: https://gray-harbor.com/scene-live/4518 +++

…or similar. It’d also be kind of nice if scene/log (during an active scene) and scene/repose could use our posebreak, because it’s kind of hard to easily see where one pose ends and another begins when reading that if people are using blank lines between their paragraphs.

Related but tangential – scene/repose includes the ooc, but scene/log doesn’t. Maybe there could be something like scene/all that gives you everything including the OOC?

scene/log is intended for capturing the log. Most people do not want the OOC in the final log. You can download it from the web portal though if you do.

scene/repose is for catching up, so that’s why it includes the OOC - since that might have important context/corrections/etc.

I can add a pose indication to the scene log notice.

That’s why I was asking for a third option, because on joining an ongoing scene I might want/need to read all of it AND the OOC might matter. Currently I have no choice for that situation but to also open it on the web and read it there.

Well, someone had (in the discord discussion) asked for scene/repose <# of poses> – so I guess with that you could just put in like 999 or something and get all of them :slight_smile:


Yup, that’d do it! :smiley: