Santa Rosalia

In a city nestled along the northern California coastline, buffered by a thick screen of old redwood forest, Santa Rosalia’s residents find themselves facing increasingly strange occurrences. Is that a fairy, or a new species of butterfly? Are they casting spells, or tapping into something science simply hasn’t uncovered yet?

The game focuses on gifted characters and what happens to them in their lives in Santa Rosalia. The PCs all possess a low-level psychic ability, which they’re generally obliged to keep low-key so that society doesn’t try to beat the weird out of them. Things are just a little bit off-normal in this world and are only likely to get stranger as the story progresses.

We’ve been open since November 2021, and you can see our list of wanted characters on the wiki: AresMUSH

You can also check out our guide to getting started here: AresMUSH

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