Room Parents?

Is there an aresmush equivalent to room parents? Is the game skin configuration the only way change how the game appears? I would like different areas to appear differently.

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Changing the room template is the only way to change how the rooms appear, but you’re not limited by any concept of ‘parents’ the way you are in Penn. You just change the code to use whatever conditions you want to alter the appearance in whatever way you want.

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I have a lot of pennmush experience, this is all new. Just trying to get some concepts down. the room template changes the way the room appears, is there a way to group certain number of rooms, ie all the rooms in the area, under a certain template. Can you maybe point to some good documentation where i can learn how to find and alter said room template. Sorry for the cluelessness.

Here’s a tutorial on the template system: Templates - AresMUSH

The room templates live in aresmush/plugins/describe/templates. It has two pieces:

ERB file: aresmush/room.erb at master · AresMUSH/aresmush · GitHub
Renderer: aresmush/room_template.rb at master · AresMUSH/aresmush · GitHub

The room template does a lot, so you probably don’t want to have completely different templates for different areas. I mean you can, but it’s more likely that you would just want to have some subtle variations in formatting for different areas using if/else checks within the main template. It kinda depends on what you want to do.