Restricting Access To Logs

I’m working with some people who interested in using Ares but they’d like to be able to restrict log access. Preferably they’d like a way to be able to have players restrict logs to only certain players if they want or, at the very least, restrict guests(people not logged into a character on the web portal) from reading logs. Is there a permission for this(view_logs?) or something? I’ve been unable to find a way. Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand the question. Private scenes can only be read by the participants.

Oh, I see. I think, ultimately, they don’t want visitors to the site to be able to read logs. Approved players, sure, but not visitors(it’s roster only with no web or online creation). They’d like to be able to make it so logs can only be read by approved players who are logged on(all logs, not just private).

You can restrict the entire web portal to only logged-in characters, but then as soon as someone claims a roster they get access, so… I’m not sure what you’re really gaining. Unless you also make all the rosters require a separate app.

But other than that, shared logs are by their nature public. This is the same behavior you see on pretty much any MU wiki (wikidot/mediawiki/etc.) Players choose which logs they share, but there’s no way to share to a limited group of people.

Here’s the option for requiring a character prior to gaining portal access:

You may also want to disable web portal registration and in-game character creation, and make all roster apps require approval.

Mostly it comes down to whether you’re trying to prevent unapproved characters from reading the website or just throw up obstacles to prevent casual browsing by at least making them go to the trouble of creating a character first.

Thanks! After talking with those involves I think we came up with a solution that makes everyone happy. :slight_smile:

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