Restricted Roster Approval Issue

So I’m helping on a game that uses restricted roster characters. It’s my understanding that when a restricted roster app is approved, the character should be approved as well. That’s not happening. They’re receiving a mail that tells them they’re approved and to go forth and RP(the default message) but the player is still having to app/submit once they are on the game.

Did I do something wrong or am I misunderstanding the system? Do they need to be “pre-approved” before they are put on the roster? Thanks!

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Yeah, there are two different layers of approvals. The first is approval of the character. The second is approval of the player taking that character.

Normally games use the roster for “ready to go” characters who are already approved. Then the roster app is all you need.

However, some games choose to have more of half-finished character concepts on the roster. It’s a starting point that still needs fleshed out in chargen. In this case, it’s a two-step approval process: first you approve the roster app for Jane to take over that character, then Jane finishes chargen and submits the chargen app like normal.

If a game is using that second scenario, you may want to adjust the roster approval message.

Incidentally, this is also true if you don’t have restricted roster chars. You can claim the roster but if the character isn’t approved you’ll still need to go through chargen and app/submit them.