Repose Strip OOC?

Is it possible to add an option to only repose the actual poses and not OOC? Maybe something like repose only shows poses but repose/all could include the ooc?

Sometimes scenes get paused or things get sidebarred for an intense discussion and then you just want to see the last few poses to remember what was going on.


I appreciate the suggestion, but I prefer to keep the default including the OOC remarks. I think in most cases that it’s used, you’ll be in the midst of RP rather than discussion, and any OOC clarifications/addendums would be important.

You can always use scene/log in-game to review the full log without OOC chatter, or look at the room for the link to the scene log on the web portal for reference.

Several times recently, I’ve picked up a scene where I’ve left off, and the only thing in repose was OOC comments. I had to use scene/log to spam myself with the entire scene just to get the last two poses. This is not particularly helpful.

If you don’t want to alter repose to be repose/all, could you at least alter scene/log to take the most recent number of poses: scene/log #?

Either of these things would greatly improve my quality of life, and probably other people’s, like @Precisi.

Thanks for the feedback.

You can specify a number of poses in repose to get past the OOC block without spamming yourself with the entire scene. repose <# of poses>

scene/log is meant for saving a clean log of the scene when you’re done. It already has a parameter scene/log <scene#> and it would be confusing to override that with a number of poses as well.

What if it were repose that takes the switch, for NOT including OOC? Like repose/ic? It’d give the ‘really just the last few real poses’ thing without people having to guess how far back that might be, it wouldn’t require spamming the whole log, and the default would still include the OOC remarks.

…I mean it still has the downside of being more to code, but it seems like it’d fit everyone’s needs here.


Yeah I can probably do that. Thx for the suggestion.

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That would be great! :slight_smile:

So unfortunately repose/ic isn’t going to work. I did look into it, but the repose command is really just an alias for scene/repose, so it already has a switch. A command can’t have more than one, and I don’t really want to go in and restructure everything - the commands, the shortcuts, the dispatcher, etc. - to make it into a separate command with different switches.

As mentioned previously, you can do scene/repose <# of poses> if OOC has filled the default buffer, or scene/log to review the entire log. And, of course, you can always view the whole log on the web portal.

Thanks for the suggestions though.