Reports and OOC Messages

The help message for scene/report says:

If someone is behaving badly in a scene, you can bring it to the game admin’s attention - along with an automatic, verified log of the scene (including OOC chat and any previously-edited or deleted poses).

However, this only appears to be the case before the scene is shared. After the scene is shared, there is no ‘verified log’ including OOC chat, only a job with the scene number and the report reason.

Suggestion: Add the ‘verified log’ to reports of scenes that are already shared.

Rationale: It is extremely common for players to need to sit with something for a while and digest that something about an interaction rubbed them the wrong way and gather the mental commitment to deal with it before they actually move to report the interaction to staff, and many times this will result in the scene already having been shared and resulting context lost.


Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the current design. Once a scene is shared, all the individual poses and system messages are condensed into a single formatted narrative. The original data is no longer available. Keeping around two copies of every shared scene (one formatted, one raw) would cause undue database burden.

I wondered if it might be something like that. Can I request that the help text be amended to make this crystal clear? I was definitely under the impression that it would all be there if a report is made based on a plain reading of the help text.

I will consider tweaking the text, but I do feel that “is behaving badly in a scene” does strongly imply as it’s happening and not potentially days later.

I do realize and sympathize with the fact that bad behavior may not be immediately apparent or able to be acted upon. However, all the reporting tools have limits. Pages time out, channel chat can scroll off recall, etc.

Much as I would like to maintain an indefinite record of everything (ala Discord, for instance, which stores years of convos), the resulting technical requirements on the servers would push their costs beyond most game-runners’ reach.

Right, I understand the overhead issue on logging everything.

I would really love to see the help text clarified even with just one line stating that ‘After a scene is shared, it can still be reported but it will lose anything that was removed for sharing purposes (like OOC chat).’

The way it reads now, I can see (and have been the player) thinking ‘This isn’t going well but I’ll finish it out and then flag it to staff so they can see the whole thing’, and that is literally at cross-purposes with staff seeing the whole thing.

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OK I’ll make it:

If someone is behaving badly in a scene, you can bring it to the game admin’s attention - along with an automatic, verified log of the scene. For unshared scenes, this also includes OOC chat and previously-edited or deleted poses.