Renown Plugin Web Pages Not Working

I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own without posting, but I’m at a loss.

The renown system plugin is working fine, and from command line I can pull it up, see the values, etc.

But the webpage itself doesn’t exist. I tried accessing renown-top and renown-management directly via URL, and via the navbar, and it doesn’t exist. When I add it to the navbar I get MENU ERROR, as I’d expect.

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I installed the plugin, added the custom profile files, rebooted the MUSH and the server, and THINK I followed all the steps in the guide on github.

Did I miss a step?

Renown is a community plugin, so I’m afraid I can’t help with specific issues with that plugin. Perhaps the plugin’s author (@Lyanna) might be able to help.

Just from the nature of the issue, it sounds like the routes aren’t being registered. In the plugin instructions, one of the things you have to edit is ares-webportal/app/custom-routes.js. Did you do that? And did you redeploy the web portal after editing?

Yeah, I was hoping someone from the community would chime in.

I rebooted the entire server (MUSH and server) - does that also redeploy the website? I assumed that it did.

I did edit the custom-routes.js file and went back and validated (twice) that all of the custom files were updated. I figured that was my most likely mistake (some of the paths are different, so I wanted to make sure each one was in the correct path).

Yes, rebooting the server will attempt to redeploy the website. However, if you have an error with the deployment (such as a typo or stray paren or something in one of your web files) you won’t necessarily see the error. Running website/deploy from the MU client will give you direct feedback as to whether the deployment succeeded. It takes a few minutes, but will respond with either an error message or a list of files/sizes that indicates success.

Built project successfully. Stored in "dist/".
File sizes:
 - dist/assets/ares-webportal-5d9f5985e1460779a552cf47f222971d.css: 143.77 KB (23.25 KB gzipped)
 - dist/assets/ares-webportal-7d7c53430414e59c856937e57e284827.js: 894.15 KB (98.25 KB gzipped)

This was it, exactly! Thanks Faraday.

I honestly thought that rebooting the server and the game was sufficient, but running that from command line definitely corrected it. Thanks, as always!!

ETA: Ok, it works for renown-top but not renown-management, which gives an “Oops! Something went wrong when the website talked to the game.” message. I’ll keep banging on this (but if someone who got this working sees this and doesn’t mind offering a suggestion, I’d be happy to view!). I suspect the routing isn’t setup correctly (it DOES distinguish between admin and not - when logged in on a player it says I must be an admin or coder to access), but it’s not giving Admin access either.

Normally restarting the entire server does redeploy the website. But it’s possible that something just went wrong the last time, maybe something you subsequently fixed through troubleshooting. At any rate, I’m glad it’s working now.

“Something went wrong” isn’t a routing error, it’s an issue with the page itself. Check both the game logs and the browser console logs to see if you can figure out the specific source of the error. More details here: Troubleshooting Issues - AresMUSH