RandomScene idea generator plug-in

I packaged up my randomscene code into an Ares plugin.

This plugin generates random locations for RP and provides prompts for scene ideas.

It uses four lists to suggest 1) a random adjective for each person involved 2) a random scenario or 3) a random npc/action pair. You can configure the prompts and certain areas to exclude from suggestions.

Some examples:

Nessie’s prompt is thankful. Your location is Grand Lake/Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge…

Random scenario: A belligerent student hosts a dance contest. Your location is Grand Lake/Manna Thrift Store.

Adelaide’s prompt is itchy. Nessie’s prompt is creepy. Your location is Grand Lake/Cabin Shop & Pharmacy.

Random scenario: Locked in a room. Your location is Grand Lake/Ransom Investigations.

Random scenario: A snobbish realtor gets into a fist fight. Your location is The Foundry Cinema & Bowl/Foundry Bowling Alley.

Adelaide’s prompt is fierce. Nessie’s prompt is join. Your location is Feixuzhicheng/The Golden Gate.

See GitHub - spiritlake/ares-randomscene-plugin: A randomscene prompt plugin for AresMUSH for installation instructions.

I’d love to know if you’re using it!