Questions re: Web Portal Front Page & Playerbit Customization

The appeal of AresMUSH for me is the web portal and I’m considering running my game without the use of the client/MUSH side, and the ease of maintaining the web portal. That being said, is there a way to edit out the front page to remove mention of the MUSH on the front page?

Also is there a way to modify the playerbit to add more fields? Possibly more information tabs?

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Unfortunately, no. AresMUSH is designed to work as a cohesive whole with both the web portal and client side. There is no way to use one without the other. Even if you hid mention of it on the home page (which would require custom code; there is no way to turn it off), it would still be there and players would be able to connect. References to the game side are pervasive, from the help files to the way character icons are displayed on the portal.

What sort of information would you want for player bits? They’re really just dummy characters for emitting or consolidating chats, and most players don’t really bother using one. (They’re actually most useful on a MUSH client so you can have an ‘ooc-only’ client window, so that would seem to run counter to your goals anyway.)

I really like the way the playerbit profile on the web portal displays all of the characters attached to the same AresCentral account, which I find useful for Staff accounts. So I was wondering if I could add fields to the profile, ie. Staff Position. A spot to add links/information, like how character profiles have tabs you can edit.

The staff position is already displayed on staff playerbit pages. I’ll think about adding optional profile fields, thanks for the suggestion.