Question: Web Portal Notification icon not going inactive automatically

This might be by design in case someone switches channels in the web portal without being scrolled down to see new activity?

But, basically, when someone pages you and you’re already in that convo channel on the portal, the notification (upper right bell icon) does not clear.

The notifications just start adding up and I have to revisit that activity to individually clear stuff (bc I may not want to clear everything if I’m working through notifications).

I imagine this affects scene activity as well, but have not tested it.

To me, if this is by design, the inconvenience far outweighs the maintenance this causes.

Obviously, there could be several ways to address this.

if the current functionality is by design, may I suggest that notifications have checkboxes and a select none option if the session caches the checkbox selections.

if it’s not by design? Oh pretty please can we get rid of the maintenance issue transparently?

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I can look into that, sure. The problem is that the server side is what’s generating the notifications, and it has no clue what web page (or worse - a specific element within a web page, like a particular page convo) you’re viewing. So it always generates a notification, even if you might be looking at that very thing right now on the portal.

But there are probably some things that can be done to make it better.

Yeah, that’s tricky and could be impossible due to the bedrock of your tech stack. If you manage to smooth out a rough edge or two, I’ll definitely be looking at your code. I know just how finicky and hacky client integration for various features can be with the various browser implementations.

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