Question: Way to use arescentral game settings without publishing OOC information

Is there a way to benefit from cross game settings (game settings attached to an arescentral handle) without displaying their handle in game (advertising their alts) or on AresCentral?

If not, it’d be nice if this could be per player or globally set (just to be able to consistently enforce a global policy).

Proposed implementation would manifest as the player handle not being shown anywhere in game to all players, and those alts opting into this configuration only showing up to that player on AresCentral.

Some games would like to allow players to have access to cross game settings while maintaining a no alt/ooc info publishing policy (for various privacy and inter-player concerns from an admin perspective and directly from players).

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No, sorry, that’s not in the cards. The entire purpose of AresCentral is to connect people.

There’s more information on the philosophy behind this in the dev blog post.

Worth noting - you can also note game alts for a specific game using the player tagging feature, without engaging with AresCentral at all. This is described in “registering alts with tags” under ‘help alts’.

But, it’s also to provide shared game settings, as that’s a feature?

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The shared settings and a few other niceities (like password reset) are an incentive to get people to engage with the system. The core purpose of AresCentral handles is to allow people to maintain a consistent OOC identity across games.

Handles are completely optional. Nobody is forced to share OOC information. But if you don’t want to participate in the community, you don’t get the benefits offered for community participants.

Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification on your design decisions. Helps me weed out future suggestions that would be rejected by the finer interpretations of the ethos. :slight_smile:

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