Progress Retrospective

I was looking for something randomly unrelated, and found a post I’d made almost exactly five years ago on MSB. It was in response to the question: what we could do if we move away from the telnet-based MU client interface to something different (i.e. web-based):

A short list? I want, in no particular order…

  • A GUI, so I don’t have to remember/type obscure command-line syntaxes just to do everyday stuff.
  • Standard text formatting like bold and italics and links.
  • To edit a pose after I’ve posed it, like you can in any other forum or text chat program.
  • Graphics embedded in descs and character profiles.
  • An integrated MUSH and wiki so you don’t have to update your wiki page when in-game data changes.
  • To configure a game without /grabbing attributes in obscure formats off of obscure objects.
  • To code in a normal programming language, not line-by-line interpreted commands pasted into a telnet client.
  • To play with a decent experience from a web browser, when I’m not at my normal computer. (Which oh-by-the-way also works for new players who haven’t downloaded a MU client.)

Ares can do all of these things now, and it makes me happy.