Profile Pic Plot Defaults

Hi! I think it would be really cool if character profile pics for logs could be set to display specific defaults based on what plot is tagged. For example, if I’m participating in the Plot “Winter Adventure” I could have it set to show my character pic in the snow as the default for any log that’s set to Winter Adventure plot.

Another example: “Liv’s Wedding” - I have it default to show my character pic all pretty for a wedding on those logs.

If a person didn’t have a plot default set it could just revert to whatever the profile default is.


This would be wildly useful for several games also with plots in different timelines, or scenarios (Thinking Network, Gray Harbor, Savage Skies with events and disguises), and whatever else people want to use them for. Hell, even some of the super hero games for Shapeshifters could be super useful.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I totally understand how some games may want variable profile pictures.

Games use plots and seasons and such in different ways though. There have also been requests (which I still have on the ‘maybe someday’ list) to allow multiple plots to be attached to a scene. So it’s not quite as simple as ‘use the plot picture for the scene’. All in all, the code to let you set a plot-specific picture would involve a pretty hefty bit of work.

For core Ares changes, I have to prioritize my efforts on things that are broadly useful and bring value to the most people. This doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

However, if this is something that a lot of people want to see, please add your comments here and I’ll think about it.

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
I was thinking that in the event of multiple plots tagged there could just be a simple ‘priority’ number field. So if you have a plot ‘Season 2’, and then a plot ‘Big Battle of Season 2’, you could just set the number on ‘Big Battle Season 2’ higher for priority.

Sure, that’s just even more code you have to add to handle that, more UI fields for people to fiddle with, etc. And some games may not want that (because they prefer to see a consistent character pic for easy recognition), so that’s some configuration settings…

It’s just a lot of work, so it’s not something I’m going to do unless it’s going to benefit a lot of people/games.

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Yeah, I totally understand. Work has to be worth it, for sure.

I understand the work involved and would just add my voice to those who would find it very useful. Reviewing the old logs is great for people to get familiar with a season or just the nature of the game. I would find it very immersive to see the photos used for each season in the logs rather than the general profile pic that is being used currently. This is particularly true when looking at a past season while a new season is going on. Thank you!

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