Pokemorph Paradise MUSH

Pokemorph Paradise MUSH is now open!

Over 75 years ago, the Rainbow Rocket army invaded through Ultra Wormholes to conquer this world. With the majority of soldiers made up of hybrid creatures made from a combination of Pokemon and humans, the Pokemorphs and Humorphs were creatures unlike anything seen in this world before. When the Rockets lost the war, retreated, abandoning these 'morphs to fend for themselves in a world that didn’t want them.

They were driven to the only sanctuary they could find, across the Legendaria Sea, to a series of island chains far removed from the rest of the world. Here, these refugees worked together to create their own society, their own Paradise, which has continued to grow over nearly a century of progress.

Generations later, Paradise is not that for all of its residents. Though things are quieter now, a contingent of Loyalists still yearn to reunite with the Rockets, and a seedy underbelly exists in the shadier parts of the capital Ultra City for those who feel constrained by the bindings of society…

Pokemorph Paradise MUSH is a modern-ish world set on a tropical island chain. The focus is on anthropomorphic Pokemon, both Pokemorphs (the werewolf/‘furry’ version of the beloved critters) and Humorphs (more catgirl/gijanka/‘Little Bit Beastly’ sorts), with some less common options for un-morphed Pokemon and humans as well.

Technology is a hodgepodge, in some ways more advanced than our real life world, in other ways behind. The 'Morphs of this world have developed their own means of living and growing… and of course, it wouldn’t be Pokemon without some fighting!

Theme is 16+, with a friendly community, some of whom have been RPing Pokemon-related stuff pretty much since the first game. Applications are done via email, and we have mechanics for different Moves as well as special Genealogy and Heritage rules to optionally allow your character to get a splash of hybridization from one of their parents to add a little bit of individual flavor.

You can check out our Wiki here, and feel free to join our Discord or hop on as a guest with any questions!

Host: PokemorphParadise.aresmush.com
Port: 4201

Hope to see you there!

~Tusker (Samson)