Play screen update question

Not sure if this is by design, so thought I’d bring it up.

Logged in to the portal as my admin bit, using the unified play screen. My character/alt is in a scene on the MUSH. I’m watching it through /play.

I’m seeing the flag on the portal that I have new activity, but the play screen isn’t refreshing the scene with new poses; they’re there when I hit F5. When I pose as my character, I have to refresh the page to see the pose. Co-admin is having the same thing happen.

That sounds strange, but there are many factors that play into the different notifications you receive and different things that can get in the way.

Are non-admins seeing the issue with their alts?

Is the scene public or private?

Only your alt is in the scene, right? Not the admin char?

Is ‘unified play’ turned on for your alt too?

Are there any errors in the log or on your browser console when this happens?


It wasn’t! That seems to be the issue.

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