OpenWeather Error in Log

I’ve been noticing this error popping up in my game log. Don’t remember having seen it before. Any ideas what’s causing it? I haven’t touched openweather since installing it and it’s worked well and continues to do so as far as I know.

2020-01-29 03:00:30 ERROR - Error in Querying Openweather API: client= error=undefined method has_key?' for false:FalseClass backtrace=["/home/ares/aresmush/plugins/openweather/helpers.rb:41:in change_weather’", “/home/ares/aresmush/plugins/openweather/helpers.rb:22:in block (2 levels) in change_all_weathers'", "/home/ares/aresmush/plugins/openweather/helpers.rb:21:in each’”, “/home/ares/aresmush/plugins/openweather/helpers.rb:21:in block in change_all_weathers'", "/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/commands/dispatcher.rb:71:in block (2 levels) in spawn’”, “/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/error_block.rb:6:in with_error_handling'", "/home/ares/aresmush/engine/aresmush/commands/dispatcher.rb:70:in block in spawn’”, “/home/ares/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.6.3/gems/eventmachine-1.2.7/lib/eventmachine.rb:1077:in `block in spawn_threadpool’”]

It looks like there’s a problem with your weather config. Did you maybe add a new area that isn’t in your climate config?

Also double check that you have a default weather set.

I had set the default to false since the game only has one area. That seems to have been what was causing the problem. I added a zip code and the error seems to have vanished. Thanks!

Cool. Just FYI though if you were getting that error it means the game was trying to use the default area. So maybe one of your rooms is missing area being set.

Ahhh. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to give the grid a once over.

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