Non-Coded NPC's

Would there be a possible way to allow local profile NPC’s that have not been full coded with a “sheet” to scenes for vignettes and interaction with less met-plot persons? I know a lot of people use the section off “Off Game NPC” and it would be super nifty for just the picture to be included once it is saved.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

For recurring NPCs that you want to highlight in the cast list, you can just create a character bit for them and use the npc command to mark them as a NPC. They don’t need a full sheet, just basic demographics and a picture, and you’d be able to reference them in scenes.

Profiles are a bit different because people like to list their family members and whatnot in their relationship lists. It wouldn’t make sense to create NPC character bits for those people, because they’re unlikely to turn up in the game.

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