Neitherlands MU*

As some of you may know (if you frequent MSB), I am working on a game based on the Magicians- books by Lev Grossman, show on SyFy. The game will be a blend of the two (drawing from whichever makes the most sense for a MU* setting), set in modern time (exact date not decided, but roughly around the 2010’s). It will be set at Brakebills, with PCs to play students or faculty. Graduated PCs will be retired (or able to become a member of the Staff). I intend to use AresMUSH once Faraday is ready for us to get our grubby fingers on her baby.

The metaplot is being worked on. The Neitherlands, as the name implies, will factor in. Fillory will exist. To make things like Brakebills South a bit more palatable, I am considering a 2:1 timeline (perhaps even 3:1). Right now, I’m on a very lax time schedule (partially due to not rushing Faraday, but also due to my own RL!), but I am loosely looking for people willing to ST. I feel confident in my ability to manage the overhead of Staff (metaplot, apps, etc.), but I could definitely use one or two people who can help with storytelling. That is the absolute requirement to working on the game: you must be willing to ST. Be it running Welters matches (once we decide on the crazy Calvinball-esque rules), torturing students in a lecture on Circumstances, or tearing back a bit of the veil of the true dangers of the world of magic, etc. I don’t expect constant scenes being run, but I don’t want to be the only person ever running things, either.

Or, just, y’know, hang out and I’ll make sure folks are aware once the game is on its feet and going.

Oh! I will… most definitely need help descing the grid. So if you’re a fan of that sort of thing, I could use a hand there, too.